Privacy policy / Credits – VIDEGRO’s Android applications

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At this page you find the credits and privacy policy for two VIDEGRO Android applications: WalkTracker and Ships.



In both apps, OpenStreetMap® is used to show maps, tiles and information related to these maps. OpenStreetMap® is open data, licensed under the Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL) by the OpenStreetMap Foundation (OSMF). Copyrights to © OpenStreetMap contributors.
OpenStreetMap® Copyright and License

Reverse Geocoding

For reverse geocoding, this is: location (GPS-coordinates) to town, city, country names OpenStreetMap::Nominatim is used.
Nominatim Usage Policy

Location to altitudes

For the location to altitudes, the  “SRTM 250m dataset” is used.

Privacy policy

Here you will learn something about privacy policy of both Android applications.

We collect anonymous statistics about usages, like the flow through the applications, major events and “Application Not Responding” (ANR) or crash events. Besides of that basic information about your devices is recorded like version of the operating system. This to get an understanding how users are using the apps in general and how to improve the apps. To gather statistics, Google Analytics is used. As stated before, all of that information is anonymous – so we don’t know who you are; just that somebody is using our apps.


Both apps display advertisements. We decided to keep the apps completely free for users and use the advertisements to do so. For the ads, Google Adsense/AdMob is used. Both apps are always requesting non-personalized ads from those advertising networks (since Juni 2018 update). It depends on Google whether or not they comply with this request.

Location / GPS-data (common)

Both apps receive GPS-data from the build in GPS-antenna. The WalkTracker-app stores these data at the device., this is the main functionality of a tracker. The VIDEGRO Ships app only uses this data to plot the own position at the map. It is not VIDEGRO’s (the publisher) intention to distribute this information to other places.

Location / GPS-data (VIDEGRO’s WalkTracker only)

In the WalkTracker-app two remarks must be made, to translate a location (latitude, longitude) to a location name: city, town and country a third party (web)service is used called Nominatim (see credits statement above), to let this work, the last stored position of a track is transmitted to this webservice. To switch this off, find in the Settings, in the “Third party data sources” the setting “Retrieve location names”. The second remark for WalkTracker is, that for every GPS-coordinate, the altitude is retrieved from a third party webservice. This is more accurate as the altitude from the GPS-signal. To switch this off, find in the Settings, in the “Third party data sources” the setting “Retrieve altitudes”. When you switch this off, also the track difficulty indicator won’t work anymore and of course you won’t see elevation gain graphs anymore.

Automatic Identification System (AIS) – data (VIDEGRO’s Ships only)

Only the VIDEGRO Ships application receives AIS-data from a connected RTL-SDR dongle or from fellow users (peers). In principle this data has no relation with the user of the Ships-app. It is information which is unencrypted available from air. To extend the coverage of vessel-data, this AIS-data is send to a central place and relayed to MarineTraffic. When you don’t like that this information is transmitted via the Internet to another location, find in the Settings under “AIS Receiver” the setting “Share received ships” and switch it off. Find under “Third party plotter” the setting “Relay received AIS messages from fellow users” and switch that off too.

Share buttons

In both apps, share buttons are implemented. It depends on which other third party apps you installed, which buttons are available e.g.: Mail, Facebook, Twitter and so on. When you use these buttons to share, you will spread information to those third-party companies and/or other entities. We don’t have control over what and with whom you share this information. An exception is the “WalkTracker Wiki”, read about this in the next paragraph.

WalkTracker Wiki (VIDEGRO’s WalkTracker only)

It is possible to share your recorded track (GPX-file), pictures, title, description etc. to the WalkTracker Wiki. This wiki is owned by the publisher of VIDEGRO’s WalkTracker. We do have full control over this wiki. Do you experience any problems with this WalkTracker Wiki. Do you want to remove an article? Is there any other unwanted content? Please send a message or email to: walktrackerwiki (at) (replace (at) with @). For that website, this Privacy Policy applies.

Updates to this policy

We may update this privacy policy from time-to-time, particularly as technology changes. You can always check this page for the latest version.

More information

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