October 31, 2023 – ArnhemJUG: Oktober meetup

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Organised by: Arnhem Java User Group (ArnhemJUG)
Location: Planon software, Wijchenseweg 8, Nijmegen, the Netherlands.


  • Boosting Application Performance: APM with Elastic and OpenTelemetry In this talk, we will explore integrating Elastic APM with Java and other languages using Elastic APM agents and OpenTelemetry, offering insights into application performance and traces. During a demo, you will learn how to leverage Elastic to enhance the performance and reliability of your tech stack.
    About Evelien Schellekens
    Evelien is a Solutions Architect at Elastic, known for her DevOps and full-stack development background. She’s passionate about Kubernetes, observability and open-source projects.
  • Java’s Concurrency Journey Continues! Exploring Structured Concurrency and Scoped Values Java’s concurrency journey has been a long and winding one. We departed from the ‘classic threads’ station and traveled through Runnables, ExecutorServices, CompletableFutures and ForkJoinPools, before finally arriving at ‘virtual threads’. But does ‘finally’ mean that we’ve arrived at our final destination, or is it a transfer at best? Now that virtual threads are available, our Java programs will likely use an abundance of threads. This increase in thread count will immediately make thread coordination, observability and isolation more difficult. Two new Java features are currently in development that might make things a bit easier: Structured Concurrency and Scoped Values. In this talk, we’ll introduce and demonstrate these new features, and how they can help address the challenges that have emerged since the introduction of virtual threads. We’ll also discuss how the availability of these features will impact your day-to-day programming life and whether Java’s concurrency journey is actually over now that these features have become available or if there are still more stops to come.
    About Hanno Embregts
    Hanno Embregts is a Java Developer with a passion for learning, teaching and making music. In his day-to-day job as an IT Consultant at Info Support, Hanno prefers work that is fast-paced and versatile. This is why he juggles Java development, software architecture, public speaking, leading Info Support’s Java Community and teaching courses at Info Support’s Knowledge Centre. Hanno is both a Java Champion and an Oracle ACE Associate. He is also one of the editors of the Dutch Java Magazine. Outside of work Hanno likes making music with his friends. He plays the flute, the guitar and he likes to sing. Software conferences are Hanno’s favourite thing in the world, because they allow him to do the three things he loves most at the same time: learning new things, teaching others about stuff he discovered and yes: even making music from time to time!