November 7th, 2017 – TEDx Venlo in Venlo

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Location: De Maaspoort, Venlo


  • Alie de Boer – Showed why you need to look critically at food
  • Ruud Dullens – Virtual reality and knowledge retention
  • Stephan Schürmann – The next big step in 3D printing
  • Jacky van de Goor – An important question in life – Life in One Question
  • Michel Weijers – Add value to your life and the environment
  • Vincent Pijnenburg – Being a ‘Borderlander’
  • Philippe van der Grinten – The secret to a healthy soil – Bokashi
  • Frankie Dickens – Open your eyes about refugees
  • Howard Lettinga – TED Tools for Life
  • Li An Phoa – Why to care for drinkable rivers
  • Roy Lenders – Possibilities of Artificial Intelligence
  • Ans Hekkenberg – More women in science

TEDx Venlo