March 7th, 2019 РIT Kenniscafé in Soest

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Location: National Military Museum, Soest
Attended presentations:

  • Manager Security Operations Center (AIVD/SOC) – Living in a Assume Breach SOC
    What is it like to work in a SOC of an intelligence and security service? What does the threat landscape look like? What technical challenges do you encounter? What kind of people can work there and what kind of career can you make? The AIVD examined this as openly as possible on the basis of anecdotes and examples.
  • Jelle van Haaster (Researcher Cyber Operations/Dutch Department of Defense) – The Changing Context of Cyber Operations
    The focus of cyber operations and security is changing from technical to holistic. Increasingly, it is about the cognitive consequences of the use and misuse of information technologies.