Running dreamboxEDIT at Linux

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Rita Ora in test image shirtLearn in this post how to run DreamboxEdit at your Linux machine. I’m using Ubuntu as distribution, but most of this post is applicable to other distributions too.

With DreamboxEdit you can create/modify/delete bouquets at your Enigma2 running device such as a Dreambox or VU Solo.

First DreamboxEdit is downloaded, after that it is installed in a way, a normal user (not only root) can run it using Wine. In the last part the basic configuration is explained.


Using DreamboxEdit to edit the bouquets is beyond the scope of this post.

1. Install DreamboxEdit

Download latest dreamboxEDIT (
Find a forum post containing the exact link here:

Create directory

sudo mkdir /opt/dreamboxedit_5_3_0_0
cd /opt/dreamboxedit_5_3_0_0

Perform the download.

Please check the current download link in the forum post mentioned above.

sudo wget "" -O

Unzip the downloaded archive file

sudo unzip

Now create a convenience symlink from /opt/dreamboxedit to the current version (

sudo ln -s /opt/dreamboxedit_5_3_0_0/ /opt/dreamboxedit

Create a group of users who are allowed to run DreamboxEdit and add the user ‘vincent’ to this group.

sudo groupadd dreamboxedit
sudo usermod -a -G dreamboxedit vincent

Let this newly created group own the DreamboxEdit directory.

sudo chown -R root.dreamboxedit /opt/dreamboxedit/

At this point, the installation of DreamboxEdit is ready. Make sure you are logged in as a user which is member of the ‘dreamboxedit’ group (vincent).

2. Start DreamboxEdit with Wine

In case wine is not installed yet, you have to install it. For Ubuntu you can perform this using the command: sudo apt-get install wine (wine-1.6)

cd /opt/dreamboxedit
wine dreamboxEDIT.exe

WARNING: With version of DreamboxEdit, it is not possible to maximize the window. This will cause a fatal error. At least in the current version, this bug has been fixed.

TIP: In case you see the error message ‘err:winediag:IcmpCreateFile Failed to use ICMP (network ping), this requires special permissions.‘, please check the solution here. (General Linux related questions-Wine).

Now you are ready to configure DreamboxEdit.

3. Configure DreamboxEdit

Select from the menu: Tools->Options

Fill the input boxes so it reflects the configuration of your Dreambox (or device running Enigma2). You have to fill at least:

  • IP Address of Dreambox
  • Username on Dreambox (root)
  • Password on Dreambox

Press Save

4. Download the running configuration from the Enigma2 running device.

Tip: Make sure you have done a service scan at your Dreambox so you have the latest available Services.

  1. In DreamboxEdit, press the third icon (Dreambox with up and down arrow).
  2. Local Directory: Use ‘browse’ to select a valid/existing directory
  3. Press button: ‘Receive Files from Dreambox’
  4. Now you can start editing your bouquets. Editing is beyond the scope of this post.
  5. Select ‘File->Save‘ from the menu to save your bouquets at your local harddisk.

5. Upload the configuration to Dreambox

Finally you have to store the configuration at the Dreambox.

  1. Press the third icon (Dreambox with up and down arrow)
    Make sure the checkbox: ‘Auto Reload Settings Engima2‘ is checked
  2. Press ‘send Files to Dreambox’

Enjoy the new/updated bouquets at your Dreambox!

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