New image Dreambox / Configuring Enigma2

This guide will explain you how to update the firmware/image of the Dreambox (7025+). Most steps in this article also applies to any other DVB satellite/terrestrial television receiver running Enigma2 like the VU Plus (VU+) devices. Read in this case instead of Dreambox, the name of your favorite receiver. However, this article is assuming you… Continue reading New image Dreambox / Configuring Enigma2

Accessing your files at home from your office

Assume you are at work and you would like to access your files at home in a secure way. There are many ways to accomplish this, for example by remote desktop. In this article I will unveil another approach namely via SSH (Secure SHell) and mounting your remote home-directory at your computer at work. Example… Continue reading Accessing your files at home from your office

Ships – Android application

Ships in Istanbul (01-12-2017) received by the Android application.

VIDEGRO’s Ships is a free Android application which allows you to receive AIS information directly from ships in your neighbourhood using a cheap DVB-T-DAB-FM / RTL-SDR receiver. IMPORTANT: You need to have an OTG capable Android device and a DVB-T-DAB-FM / RTL-SDR receiver, otherwise this application is useless. It is an all in one application.… Continue reading Ships – Android application