Android: Questions and Answers

In this article several issues related to Android will be discussed. The format will be in a question and answer based manner. For more generic questions, please check the article: Miscellaneous Questions and Answers   Read also this special article which is dedicated to using ADB wirelessly via Wi-Fi.   Question: How can I make… Continue reading Android: Questions and Answers

WalkTracker – Android application

This application will track your walks and store them on the device. It arose from own needs to track walks without the need to create an external account or link it with for example Facebook. Nevertheless you can share your track using Facebook if you like or send it via e-mail to yourself or friends.… Continue reading WalkTracker – Android application

Netwerkconfiguratie van OpenWrt op een Asus WL-HDD

In dit artikel wordt beschreven hoe de netwerkinstellingen van OpenWrt (versie Kamikaze) op de Asus WL-HDD (wireless harddiskdrive) geconfigureerd moeten worden. Doel is om de Asus WL-HDD draadloos (Wi-Fi) te laten connecten met het WIFI-access point. In mijn geval is het WiFo-access point een Samsung Router SMT-G3210 geconfigureerd als ADSL-router. We hebben reeds in de… Continue reading Netwerkconfiguratie van OpenWrt op een Asus WL-HDD

Raspberry Pi: Controlling your wall sockets

In this post I will describe 2 methods to operate “remote controlled sockets” via the Raspberry Pi. The methods differ in the used software. Both methods use C as development language and compile to native Raspberry Pi code (ELF 32-bit LSB executable, ARM, EABI5 version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked). The prerequisites and wiring are the… Continue reading Raspberry Pi: Controlling your wall sockets