Ships – Android application

Ships in Istanbul (01-12-2017) received by the Android application.

VIDEGRO’s Ships is a free Android application which allows you to receive AIS information directly from ships in your neighbourhood using a cheap DVB-T-DAB-FM / RTL-SDR receiver. IMPORTANT: You need to have an OTG capable Android device and a DVB-T-DAB-FM / RTL-SDR receiver, otherwise this application is useless. It is an all in one application.… Continue reading Ships – Android application

Running dreamboxEDIT at Linux

Learn in this post how to run DreamboxEdit at your Linux machine. I’m using Ubuntu as distribution, but most of this post is applicable to other distributions too. With DreamboxEdit you can create/modify/delete bouquets at your Enigma2 running device such as a Dreambox or VU Solo. First DreamboxEdit is downloaded, after that it is installed in a… Continue reading Running dreamboxEDIT at Linux

WalkTracker – Android application

This application will track your walks and store them on the device. It arose from own needs to track walks without the need to create an external account or link it with for example Facebook. Nevertheless you can share your track using Facebook if you like or send it via e-mail to yourself or friends.… Continue reading WalkTracker – Android application

Recept: Gestoofde sucadelappen met ketjap saus

Recept Babi Ketjap door Felix Wilbrink / Onno Kampen. Gepubliceerd februari 2017 in De Telegraaf. Klik op de afbeelding om de tekst te lezen.

Als basis voor dit recept geldt het recept van Felix Wilbrink / Onno Kampen, genaamd: “Babi Ketjap“. Dit recept werd ter ere van de tentoonstelling “De wereld van de VOC” in het Nationaal archief in Den Haag gepubliceerd in De Telegraaf. Zie bijgevoegde afbeelding. Dit recept heb ik bereid zoals beschreven stond echter het was… Continue reading Recept: Gestoofde sucadelappen met ketjap saus