Your own Android application!

This article will help you developing your first Android application based on Adobe AIR. All tools are free of charge available. This article is assuming you use (Ubuntu) Linux. Prepare your development environment First download the software development kits (SDKs): Android SDK Adobe Flex SDK Adobe AIR SDK Unpack these SDKs in the directory: /opt/android… Continue reading Your own Android application!

Connecting to remote SSH-server from within company firewalled network

Problem 1: Often company firewalls/web proxies only allow outgoing traffic to HTTP and HTTPS ports, but you also would like to connect to a remote SSH-server. A trick is to start the remote SSH-server at the port which is normally reserved for HTTPS-traffic. Most of the time it is in this way possible to connect… Continue reading Connecting to remote SSH-server from within company firewalled network

Smart meter

Some weeks ago, new electricity and gas meters were installed. Yes, it was time to install the smart meter variants (‘slimme meter’). Enexis is the distribution network operator and selected in this case the Sagemcom XS210 as smart meter. The great thing of these meters is, that there is a possibility to read out the… Continue reading Smart meter

WalkTracker – Android application

This application will track your walks and store them on the device. It arose from own needs to track walks without the need to create an external account or link it with for example Facebook. Nevertheless you can share your track using Facebook if you like or send it via e-mail to yourself or friends.… Continue reading WalkTracker – Android application