Android: Use ADB wirelessly via Wi-Fi

In this post you will learn how to connect Android Debug Bridge (ADB) wirelessly via Wi-Fi instead of using a USB-cable. Assumptions Your Android-device has a Wi-Fi connection; Your workstation has a TCP/IP connection which is routable to the Android-device; Your Android-device is connected with your workstation using a USB-cable; ADB is installed on your… Continue reading Android: Use ADB wirelessly via Wi-Fi

Android: Questions and Answers

In this article several issues related to Android will be discussed. The format will be in a question and answer based manner. For more generic questions, please check the article: Miscellaneous Questions and Answers   Read also this special article which is dedicated to using ADB wirelessly via Wi-Fi.   Question: How can I make… Continue reading Android: Questions and Answers

Netwerkconfiguratie van OpenWrt op een Asus WL-HDD

In dit artikel wordt beschreven hoe de netwerkinstellingen van OpenWrt (versie Kamikaze) op de Asus WL-HDD (wireless harddiskdrive) geconfigureerd moeten worden. Doel is om de Asus WL-HDD draadloos (Wi-Fi) te laten connecten met het WIFI-access point. In mijn geval is het WiFo-access point een Samsung Router SMT-G3210 geconfigureerd als ADSL-router. We hebben reeds in de… Continue reading Netwerkconfiguratie van OpenWrt op een Asus WL-HDD