Volkswagen – Disable automatic start-stop system

Symbol of the disabled automatic start-stop system.

Last Summer I bought a Volkswagen Passat B8 (Type 3G) with automatic transmission (DSG/Direct-shift gearbox). The automatic start-stop-system drove me nuts from the first moment. My previous Passat also contained an automatic start-stop system, but it had a manual gearbox. So when the car came to a halt and I didn’t want to stop the… Continue reading Volkswagen – Disable automatic start-stop system

Your own Android application!

This article will help you developing your first Android application based on Adobe AIR. All tools are free of charge available. This article is assuming you use (Ubuntu) Linux. Prepare your development environment First download the software development kits (SDKs): Android SDK Adobe Flex SDK Adobe AIR SDK Unpack these SDKs in the directory: /opt/android… Continue reading Your own Android application!

How to compile software for VU Plus (Vu+)

You would like to deviate from the beaten track and compile software for your VU Plus (VU+) yourself? Read this article! This article is also more or less applicable for building software for any other device runningĀ OpenVuPlus but is written with the VU+ Solo2 in mind. As computer for compiling the software, a Linux-desktop has… Continue reading How to compile software for VU Plus (Vu+)

Android: Use ADB wirelessly via Wi-Fi

In this post you will learn how to connect Android Debug Bridge (ADB) wirelessly via Wi-Fi instead of using a USB-cable. Assumptions Your Android-device has a Wi-Fi connection; Your workstation has a TCP/IP connection which is routable to the Android-device; Your Android-device is connected with your workstation using a USB-cable; ADB is installed on your… Continue reading Android: Use ADB wirelessly via Wi-Fi