Your own Android application!

This article will help you developing your first Android application based on Adobe AIR. All tools are free of charge available. This article is assuming you use (Ubuntu) Linux. Prepare your development environment First download the software development kits (SDKs): Android SDK Adobe Flex SDK Adobe AIR SDK Unpack these SDKs in the directory: /opt/android… Continue reading Your own Android application!

Parallel bash scripts – waiting for completion

Assume we would like to execute several independent tasks in parallel and we would like to wait till these tasks are completed. For example we would like to copy a set of files to several (remote) hosts and get a signal when we are ready with this copying task to ALL hosts so we can… Continue reading Parallel bash scripts – waiting for completion

Ships – Android application

Ships in Istanbul (01-12-2017) received by the Android application.

VIDEGRO’s Ships is a free Android application which allows you to receive AIS information directly from ships in your neighbourhood using a cheap DVB-T-DAB-FM / RTL-SDR receiver. IMPORTANT: You need to have an OTG capable Android device and a DVB-T-DAB-FM / RTL-SDR receiver, otherwise this application is useless. It is an all in one application.… Continue reading Ships – Android application

Android: Questions and Answers

In this article several issues related to Android will be discussed. The format will be in a question and answer based manner. For more generic questions, please check the article: Miscellaneous Questions and Answers   Read also this special article which is dedicated to using ADB wirelessly via Wi-Fi.   Question: How can I make… Continue reading Android: Questions and Answers