Run ZoneMinder in a CHROOTed environment

In this post you will learn how to run  ZoneMinder at your VU+ Solo2 satellite receiver in a  CHROOTed environment to monitor your Foscam FI9805W webcam. Meanwhile you are simply creating a LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL and PHP)-configuration at your VU+ Solo2 and even a building environment. Steps in this tutorial Bootstrap a basic Debian system; Prepare CHROOTed-environment… Continue reading Run ZoneMinder in a CHROOTed environment

Smart meter

Some weeks ago, new electricity and gas meters were installed. Yes, it was time to install the smart meter variants (‘slimme meter’). Enexis is the distribution network operator and selected in this case the Sagemcom XS210 as smart meter. The great thing of these meters is, that there is a possibility to read out the… Continue reading Smart meter

Compileren software voor Dreambox

Je wilt meer uit jouw Dreambox halen? Zelf een image bakken of een programma schrijven? Lees dan dit artikel. Eerder heb ik al een artikel geschreven over het Compileren van software voor een device waar OpenWrt op draait. Nu is de Dreambox dus aan de beurt om zelfgeschreven software te ‘draaien’. De Dreambox is een… Continue reading Compileren software voor Dreambox

Raspberry Pi: Raspbian – Modify image

In this post you will learn how to make some (tiny) changes in the Raspbian SD card image before writing it on the micro SD card. Assumptions You downloaded a Raspbian image (i.e. 2015-11-21-raspbian-jessie.img) You are using a computer running Ubuntu (or other linux distribution) Mount Raspbian partition You need to mount the Raspbian partition… Continue reading Raspberry Pi: Raspbian – Modify image