Installeren van OpenWrt op een Asus WL-HDD

Nu we gezien hebben hoe OpenWrt gecompileerd moet worden (zie artikel: Compileren van OpenWrt) gaan we de gebouwde firmware installeren op de Asus WL-HDD. Er zijn diverse manieren om dit te doen. De onderstaande manier beschrijft de werkwijze waarbij gebruik wordt gemaakt van Netcat, ook bekend als: TCP/IP swiss army knife. Ik ga ervan uit… Continue reading Installeren van OpenWrt op een Asus WL-HDD

Linux: Let your program run as background service

In this post you will learn how to convert your headless Linux program to a service running in the background. Here with headless is meant a program without user interaction and without graphical user interface (GUI). Assumed is that you are running a Linux distribution with Systemd enabled, like Ubuntu 15.10. In the example below,… Continue reading Linux: Let your program run as background service

Miscellaneous Questions and Answers

Author wetwebwork

In this article several issues related to Linux and applications will be discussed. The format will be in a question and answer based manner. For questions regarding Android, please check the article: Android: Questions and Answers For questions regarding Raspberry Pi, please check the article: Raspberry Pi: Questions and Answers Linux Linux is a Unix-like… Continue reading Miscellaneous Questions and Answers

Ships – Android application

Ships in Istanbul (01-12-2017) received by the Android application.

VIDEGRO’s Ships is a free Android application which allows you to receive AIS information directly from ships in your neighbourhood using a cheap DVB-T-DAB-FM / RTL-SDR receiver. IMPORTANT: You need to have an OTG capable Android device and a DVB-T-DAB-FM / RTL-SDR receiver, otherwise this application is useless. It is an all in one application.… Continue reading Ships – Android application