• Netwerkconfiguratie van OpenWrt op een Asus WL-HDD
    Logo WiFi

    In dit artikel wordt beschreven hoe de netwerkinstellingen van OpenWrt (versie Kamikaze) op de Asus WL-HDD (wireless harddiskdrive) geconfigureerd moeten worden. Doel is om de Asus WL-HDD draadloos (Wi-Fi) te laten connecten met het WIFI-access point. In mijn geval is het WiFo-access point een Samsung Router SMT-G3210 geconfigureerd als ADSL-router. We hebben reeds in de […]

  • Your own Android application!
    Flash Air Android

    This article will help you developing your first Android application based on Adobe AIR. All tools are free of charge available. This article is assuming you use (Ubuntu) Linux. Prepare your development environment First download the software development kits (SDKs): Android SDK Adobe Flex SDK Adobe AIR SDK Unpack these SDKs in the directory: /opt/android […]

  • Recipe: Sweet soy sauce
    Another soy sauce noodles recipe.

    Use this recipe to create your own Sweet soy sauce (NL: ketjap saus) and combine it with for example noodles. Ingredients (+/- 800 ml sauce) 150 ml Ketjap Manis – Sweet soy sauce 1 onion 2 cloves of garlic olive oil 1 tablespoon sambal badjak 1 tablespoon soft brown sugar 450 ml + 2×100 ml […]

  • Tunnel vanaf het Internet naar een interne poort
    The Moonville Tunnel

    Stel je hebt een device, bijvoorbeeld een ADSL-modem/router die je via een webinterface kunt configureren maar dit kan enkel via HTTP en niet HTTPS (dus geen versleutelde verbinding) en/of dit device is enkel te configureren vanaf het interne netwerk en niet vanaf de Internet-kant. Toch wil je vanaf een andere plaats op de wereld het […]

  • Running dreamboxEDIT at Linux
    Rita Ora in test image shirt

    Learn in this post how to run DreamboxEdit at your Linux machine. I’m using Ubuntu as distribution, but most of this post is applicable to other distributions too. With DreamboxEdit you can create/modify/delete bouquets at your Enigma2 running device such as a Dreambox or VU Solo. First DreamboxEdit is downloaded, after that it is installed in a […]

  • Romantiek

    Coole blog van Olivier van Beemen over Parijs. Hij is freelance journalist in Frankrijk. Ook plaatst hij foto’s van plaatsen in Parijs op zijn blog, de bezoekers van de blog moeten zeggen waar de foto genomen is. Toerisme voor gevorderden zeg maar… In Parijs

  • Navigation and Audio Menu gone from MFA after upgrade of RNS-510
    Instrument cluster with MFA Premium Color - Tire pressure

    Recently I upgraded the firmware of the RNS-510 Navigation System in my Volkswagen Passat B7 (Type 3C) from software version: 3970 to version 5218. Everything went well: Inserted the CD with new firmware, waited 45 – 60 minutes till the upgrade was finished by resetting the device. After this upgrade however, there was something gone […]

  • Weekend in Monschau
    Haus Burgblick Monschau

    The last weekend of May we went with a group of 7 people (30-ers) to Monschau. This group is a group of friends who know each other since they studied together in Nijmegen (The Netherlands). After a long searching exercise for a good location to stay in the Eifel, I found this pearl called ‘Haus […]

  • Adobe Flex with a PHP back-end

    You would like to create a great Adobe Flex application which will show data from a MySQL-database. You Googled around and found BlazeDS would be a great back-end solution for retrieving your data. Bad luck, you have no Java experience and/or your hosting provider is not equipped to allow you to deploy BlazeDS at a […]

  • Hot Facebook Posts

    Today I created a Facebook application which will find the posts at your Facebook page with the most interactions. Interactions are defined as Likes and Comments. The sum of these two is the number of interactions. Posts are for example shared links at the timeline of your page and posted images to albums. You are […]

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