• Android in plaats van Windows Mobile op jouw HTC mobiele telefoon? Dat kan!

    Het op Linux gebaseerde Android in plaats van MS Windows Mobile als operating system op jouw HTC mobiele telefoon? Dat kan dankzij het XDAndroid-project. Heb jij ook genoeg van het trage MS Windows Mobile op jouw HTC Blackstone, Diamond, Diamond 500, Fuze, Raphael, Raphael 800, Rhodium, Tilt 2 of Topaz, installeer dan nu XDAndroid 2.2 […]

  • No SD card found at HTC Diamond running Android

    Have you installed Android at your HTC Diamond device and now the applications are complaining about: No SD card found? Read this article about resolving this issue. You can fix this problem by (re)formating the ‘in memory SD Card’. Steps: At your HTC Diamond cell phone Boot into MS Windows Mobile mode Connect your mobile […]

  • Desktop Decoration – Android application
    Desktop Decoration screenshot with widgets

    With this Android application you can put an image from your favourite feed(s) at the desktop of your Android device as widget and/or as Live Wallpaper. Besides of that on Android 4.2 and higher you can use this application as lock screen widget. When you put widgets on your desktop, it is possible to select […]

  • Parallel bash scripts – waiting for completion
    Horse racing

    Assume we would like to execute several independent tasks in parallel and we would like to wait till these tasks are completed. For example we would like to copy a set of files to several (remote) hosts and get a signal when we are ready with this copying task to ALL hosts so we can […]

  • Efteling – Wat je altijd al hebt willen weten
    Efteling - Artist impression

    Er was eens een attractiepark in de Noord-Brabantse plaats Kaatsheuvel. Begonnen als sport- en wandelpark, vervolgens uitgebreid met een sprookjesbos en met de opening van de spookslot in de jaren 70 van de vorige eeuw, verder uitgebreid met grote attracties zoals de Python, Halve Maen, Gondoletta, Pirana, Fata Morgana, Carnaval Festival, Bobbaan, Droomvlucht, De Vliegende […]

  • Run ZoneMinder in a CHROOTed environment
    bijo-linux.com Tokyo command chroot

    In this post you will learn how to run  ZoneMinder at your VU+ Solo2 satellite receiver in a  CHROOTed environment to monitor your Foscam FI9805W webcam. Meanwhile you are simply creating a LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL and PHP)-configuration at your VU+ Solo2 and even a building environment. Steps in this tutorial Bootstrap a basic Debian system; Prepare CHROOTed-environment […]

  • Connecting to remote SSH-server from within company firewalled network
    Drie standen schakelaar

    Problem 1: Often company firewalls/web proxies only allow outgoing traffic to HTTP and HTTPS ports, but you also would like to connect to a remote SSH-server. A trick is to start the remote SSH-server at the port which is normally reserved for HTTPS-traffic. Most of the time it is in this way possible to connect […]

  • How to compile software for VU Plus (Vu+)
    VU Plus Solo2

    You would like to deviate from the beaten track and compile software for your VU Plus (VU+) yourself? Read this article! This article is also more or less applicable for building software for any other device running OpenVuPlus but is written with the VU+ Solo2 in mind. As computer for compiling the software, a Linux-desktop has […]

  • New image Dreambox / Configuring Enigma2
    Communication satellites

    This guide will explain you how to update the firmware/image of the Dreambox (7025+). Most steps in this article also applies to any other DVB satellite/terrestrial television receiver running Enigma2 like the VU Plus (VU+) devices. Read in this case instead of Dreambox, the name of your favorite receiver. However, this article is assuming you […]

  • Recipe: Curry sauce

    Add the curry sauce of this recipe to for example chicken with green beans, rice, and blue cheese. Ingredients (+/- 400 ml sauce) 1 onion 2 cloves of garlic olive oil 4 teaspoons curry powder 1 teaspoon sambal badjak 2 bouillon cubes (Maggi) +/- 7 gram 400 ml semi-skimmed milk 2×100 ml water 2x swabbed […]

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