• Parallel bash scripts – waiting for completion
    Horse racing

    Assume we would like to execute several independent tasks in parallel and we would like to wait till these tasks are completed. For example we would like to copy a set of files to several (remote) hosts and get a signal when we are ready with this copying task to ALL hosts so we can […]

  • Adobe Flex with a PHP back-end

    You would like to create a great Adobe Flex application which will show data from a MySQL-database. You Googled around and found BlazeDS would be a great back-end solution for retrieving your data. Bad luck, you have no Java experience and/or your hosting provider is not equipped to allow you to deploy BlazeDS at a […]

  • Desktop Decoration – Android application
    Desktop Decoration screenshot with widgets

    With this Android application you can put an image from your favourite feed(s) at the desktop of your Android device as widget and/or as Live Wallpaper. Besides of that on Android 4.2 and higher you can use this application as lock screen widget. When you put widgets on your desktop, it is possible to select […]

  • Connecting to remote SSH-server from within company firewalled network
    Drie standen schakelaar

    Problem 1: Often company firewalls/web proxies only allow outgoing traffic to HTTP and HTTPS ports, but you also would like to connect to a remote SSH-server. A trick is to start the remote SSH-server at the port which is normally reserved for HTTPS-traffic. Most of the time it is in this way possible to connect […]

  • No SD card found at HTC Diamond running Android

    Have you installed Android at your HTC Diamond device and now the applications are complaining about: No SD card found? Read this article about resolving this issue. You can fix this problem by (re)formating the ‘in memory SD Card’. Steps: At your HTC Diamond cell phone Boot into MS Windows Mobile mode Connect your mobile […]

  • FRITZ!Box running as LAMP-server (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP)
    FRITZ!Box 7360

    In this tutorial you will learn how to run a complete LAMP-configuration (Apache, MySQL and PHP) at your FRITZ!Box. In this article a ‘FRITZ!Box 7360′ is used. However you can follow the same steps for other types when it is supported by Freetz besides of that, there must be enough memory and CPU-power available in […]

  • Weekend in Monschau
    Haus Burgblick Monschau

    The last weekend of May we went with a group of 7 people (30-ers) to Monschau. This group is a group of friends who know each other since they studied together in Nijmegen (The Netherlands). After a long searching exercise for a good location to stay in the Eifel, I found this pearl called ‘Haus […]

  • Navigation and Audio Menu gone from MFA after upgrade of RNS-510
    Instrument cluster with MFA Premium Color - Tire pressure

    Recently I upgraded the firmware of the RNS-510 Navigation System in my Volkswagen Passat B7 (Type 3C) from software version: 3970 to version 5218. Everything went well: Inserted the CD with new firmware, waited 45 – 60 minutes till the upgrade was finished by resetting the device. After this upgrade however, there was something gone […]

  • OpenSocial: Verkrijgen en verwerken van data.

    In dit artikel worden enkele JavaScript codefragmenten getoond. De codefragmenten geven de fundamentele bouwstenen voor het verkrijgen van de data van het socialenetwerk. Ook wordt getoond hoe data opgeslagen kan worden. Voorbeelden zijn gebaseerd op OpenSocial versie 0.7. Expliciet aangeven welke data gewenst is Normaal gesproken wordt er maar een beperkte set van datavelden teruggestuurd […]

  • Compileren software voor OpenWrt
    Linux inside

    Okee je hebt een device waarop OpenWrt loopt (bijvoorbeeld de Asus WL-HDD) en je wilt nu zelf software schrijven voor dit device. We gaan ervan uit dat de toolchain voor OpenWrt aanwezig is. Heb je deze nog niet, lees dan het artikel Compileren van OpenWrt. Voorbereidingen Op de build computer, dat is de computer met […]

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