Android: Use ADB wirelessly via Wi-Fi

In this post you will learn how to connect Android Debug Bridge (ADB) wirelessly via Wi-Fi instead of using a USB-cable. Assumptions Your Android-device has a Wi-Fi connection; Your workstation has a TCP/IP connection which is routable to the Android-device; Your Android-device is connected with your workstation using a USB-cable; ADB is installed on your… Continue reading Android: Use ADB wirelessly via Wi-Fi

Miscellaneous Questions and Answers

Author wetwebwork

In this article several issues related to Linux and applications will be discussed. The format will be in a question and answer based manner. For questions regarding Android, please check the article: Android: Questions and Answers For questions regarding Raspberry Pi, please check the article: Raspberry Pi: Questions and Answers Linux Linux is a Unix-like… Continue reading Miscellaneous Questions and Answers

Smart meter

Some weeks ago, new electricity and gas meters were installed. Yes, it was time to install the smart meter variants (‘slimme meter’). Enexis is the distribution network operator and selected in this case the Sagemcom XS210 as smart meter. The great thing of these meters is, that there is a possibility to read out the… Continue reading Smart meter

Recipe: Sweet soy sauce

Another soy sauce noodles recipe.

Use this recipe to create your own Sweet soy sauce (NL: ketjap saus) and combine it with for example noodles. Ingredients (+/- 800 ml sauce) 150 ml Ketjap Manis – Sweet soy sauce 1 onion 2 cloves of garlic olive oil 1 tablespoon sambal badjak 1 tablespoon soft brown sugar 450 ml + 2×100 ml… Continue reading Recipe: Sweet soy sauce